Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum Truck Services with Hydrovac Vancouver

Hydrovac Vancouver provides a variety of vacuum cleanup services. We serve a variety of clients including municipalities and utility companies. Hydrovac techniques use high pressure water to effectively remediate and clean up any spills.

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Vacuum Trucks for Waste Removal, Fuel Spill Cleanups Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Soil

Emergencies happen, give us a call for all your spill clean ups! Vancouver Vacuum Truck is certified and holds specialized licenses which allows us to transport and dispose of contaminated and hazardous waste.

Vacuum Trucks for Catch Basin, Septic and Tank Cleaning

Debris can plug and prevent a catch basing from working properly. Our trucks can handle any type of parking lot, parkade and roadway catch basin cleaning. If you’re a property manager and looking for catch basin cleaning services, give us a call! Our hydrovac trucks work with Carwash clients, service shops and manufacturing businesses.

Vacuum Trucks for Daylighting Utilities

Expose utility lines with hydrovac daylighting! It can be unsafe to use traditional forms of excavation when it comes to work around utilities. Hydrovac and Vacuum Truck exaction methods are safer when and are used to uncover the utilities so as to determine where they are. Give us a call and we can assess your needs when it comes to hydrovac exaction.

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